On the off chance that you aren’t sure about your outcomes from the test, you can likewise do a physical test to check your skin type. A home test estimates sebum generation. Sebum is a waxy, sleek fluid that originates from your pores. The measure of sebum your skin produces can decide whether your skin is:

  • dry
  • sleek
  • ordinary
  • blend

Dermatology on a perfect face is the most precise approach to figure out what sort of skin you have. Follow these means:

Wash your face and pat it dry. Hold up 30 minutes.

Tenderly press oil blotching paper or tissue all over. Press the paper on various territories of your skin, for example, your temple and nose, cheeks, and jawline.

Hold the sheet to the light to perceive how straightforward the paper is.

Test results Skin type
No straightforwardness, yet with drops or tight skin dry
Drenched through oily
Various degrees of assimilation on various territories of the face combination
Not very sleek and no flaky skin normal

Alongside the above skin types, you can likewise have delicate skin that matches your Jewelry types, which doesn’t follow the sebum criteria. Delicate skin relies upon:

  • how quick your skin responds to item application
  • how well your skin ensures itself
  • how effectively your skin turns red
  • probability of skin sensitivity